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Experienced Qualified Supervisors that can help and Mentor Counseling Professionals become licensed in the state of Florida




Dr. David C. Congdon L.C.S.W

L.C.S.W & L.M.H.C Qualified Supervisor and


Carolina Alvarez L.M.F.T.

L.M.F.T. & L.M.H.C Qualified Supervisor and Mentor 



    Dr. David C Congdon, Brandy K. Biglow,  and Carolina Alvarez have worked together for many years helping and supervising mental health professionals like you through the licensing process. Working in many organizations as directors and supervisors they understand what it takes to build a great career in the mental health field. Providing support, guidance, and the licensing requirements so you can thrive in the industry. As a team they cover all the areas of licensure supervision available to master's level counselors. But, above all they provide the mentorship needed to achieve success during one of the most important times for future mental health professional. Contact Dr. David C. Congdon, Brandy K Biglow,  or Carolina Alvarez for a consultation on how they can help you through the licensing process for LCSW, LMHC, and LMFT.



Dr. David C. Congdon   L.C.S.W

 I am a qualified supervisor for licensure candidates for LCSW and LMHC licensure. I am happy to work with you in our offices, in the community, or online to help licensure candidates achieve their goals. Some of my experiences include Clinical Consultant and director of accreditation for Mental Health Services at a large community mental health center in west central Florida. I developed the mental health services for one of the largest counseling organizations in Central Florida from their inception and was the Director of Mental Health Operations for that organization. that I have been the licensure supervisor for a large number of professionals in Central Florida who have taken leadership positions with Aetna, University of Central Florida, Value Options, and Southeastern University. My approach to supervision is based on the licensure candidate developing a sound theoretical approach in counseling and becoming a truly therapeutic person in work with patients. As in my counseling work, I provide extensive support and work to build on the strengths of each candidate with whom I work.

Carolina Alvarez L.M.F.T

As a qualified supervisor for LMFT and LMHC I try to help registered interns find themselves in their careers. I am able to combine real life experiences along with educational materials to help the supervise learn in a holistic way. I have many years of experience in the field as a counselor and a supervisor. I try to integrate this knowledge into your supervision experience. It is my belief that in order to be a great counselor you first need to learn how to find balance between personal life and work; I strive in teaching this as many counselors have a difficulty in this area and feel burnout in the 1st year after school or during a full time job.

My therapeutic approach has been polished during my years of experience, I use a non judgmental approach, accepting and understanding. My theoretical approach is based on solution focus approach, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems and motivational interviewing. I have found my center in these theories, but it is my job to help YOU find your center!

Become a healer was an amazing accomplishment but seeking licensure is elevating yourself and your skills to the next step in your career! I am truly proud of you for seeking licensure, it would be an honor to help you achieve this!




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