At Change M.F.C.R. we have taken a holistic approach to mental health. This is why our licensed counselors and certified life coach have created a life coaching program to assist you in directing the life you want. Our coaching programs helps you identify areas that are making you unhappy or unproductive such as overall life strategies, career, or business. This is then followed by strategic planing to build and strengthen those areas allowing  you to live a well directed life.  It is our belief that every individual has the potential to create and live the life they want. You are the director of a beautiful story that is waiting to be lived. 

Dr. Julio C Caba

  My name is Dr. Julio C. Caba and I want to share with you strategies for success. I am a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and life strategist that has traveled to many organizations motivating and teaching employees how to build strategies to win in life. My experiences include transforming my own life from a single homeless father with no education and unemployable to a Doctoral graduate with a successful businesses and a successful family. Using my real life experiences, educational research background, and business experiences to help you in many areas of life that include building life strategies, starting a business, and even finding your career. It is my mission in life to teach what I have learned because "the cycle of knowledge is not complete until you share it with others." It has been my experience that with the right support and guidance anyone can live the life they want. My core belief is; that the barriers  we believe stop us, are usually the same strengths we need to succeed. It is my hope to get a chance to show you what is truly possible in your life. Let's work together collaboratively so we can find a strategy to help you in any aspect of your life. Let's thrive and succeed together. 


Some of Dr. Caba's Speaking videos 

Dr. Julio C Caba grew up in some of the most dangerous city in New York City. Leading to many barriers that included poverty, homelessness, and dropping out of High School by the age of sixteen. It did not end there because by the age of 16 Julio had his first child and before the age of 18 he had two more children. This further lead to Dr. Caba becoming a single homeless father when the mother of the children decided to leave them. With little hope Dr. Caba decided to take control of his life and excel. He took his situation and turned into the power that has excelled him in life. Dr. Caba went back to school gaining a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree, opening businesses, and creating a happy and productive family. This was done through strong Mental Health, strategy building and purpose. Now Dr. Caba has committed his life teaching others how to thrive.   

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This is the real story of Dr Julio C Caba. Taking you on the journey Julio battled. This e book includes spoken word poetry and picture. 


This is a research into what made 10 leaders succeed in becoming leaders compared to 10 non-leaders that would like to become leaders in their careers. The research centered around a minority group but showed behaviors, training, and strategies that can help anybody in developing their careers. 



Founder, life coach, motivational speaker and Vice President Dr. Julio C Caba will be performing celebrating champions for a third year to raise money, awareness, and motivate teens graduating High School while facing homelessness. If you would like to donate please click below. All proceeds will go directly into the hands of the teens and family.  


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